Benefits of showering at night

Author: Chris Brown   Date Posted:1 July 2016 

If you prefer to take a shower in the morning, you are certainly not alone. It is one of the most common ways to start the day and is often associated with providing an energising boost that shakes off that early morning moodiness. However, have you ever thought about showering in the evening instead?

Showering at night has a whole load of benefits that might well convince you to change your showering routine.

It helps you fall asleep
Without a doubt, taking a shower at night helps undo the stress of the day and gets you ready for bedtime; however it has been proven that it can even help you fall asleep. Experts say that the key is to shower an hour and a half to two hours before going to bed, although it is SO tempting to jump into a cosy bed after a shower!

It improves hygiene
Experts have also found that showering at night has a huge benefit for those with strong body odour or conditions like acne. Showering at night essentially washes the day off your skin, so you’re reducing the amount of built-up dirt that is being pressed against your body in bed.
Great hygiene and a good night’s sleep should be enough to convince you to change your showering ways but if not then just think about this…

No more having a shower with your eyes half-closed once you have forced yourself out of bed to turn off that dreaded alarm clock. No more subjecting yourself to the pain that is starting your morning all wet and bedraggled. And no more wrestling with your hair, trying your best to dry and style it and still get out the door on time.

You can take your sweet time in the shower because you’ve got no place to be except from your bed. You can lie in in the morning because it will now take you approximately two seconds to get ready in the morning. And most importantly, you will even have time for breakfast.

Now if hygiene and a good night’s sleep aren’t enough to convince you, then food and extra time in bed definitely should be! 

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